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by a hair. mitt romney can count ohio in his victory column with a 1% lead over second-place finisher rick santorum. newt gingrich came in third place. ron paul informs last place in the state that is said to count the most on super tuesday. although romney is far ahead in the delegate count, he still can't close the deal with some party skeptics. nbc's steve handlesman has more. >> reporter: mitt romney survived super tuesday, barely winning ohio, after pounding rick santorum with attack ads, but romney put on a bright face today. >> i don't apply sentiment to it, i must admit to last night, i feel pretty darn good. >> reporter: he did win the super tuesday quest for delegates. nbc news projects romney got 219, santorum, 97, newt gingrich, 82, ron paul, 22. so, romney keeps his big lead in total delegates, maybe enough to block his rivals from the nomination. >> mitt romney did what he had to do he put away six out of the ten states last night. >> reporter: but rick santorum won three states and claims today he is on a roll. >> we are heading for misand m mississippi and alabama and we
was shot several times and police do not believe the fire was intextually set. >>> mitt romney is coming off a commanding win in the illinois primary last night and is telling supporters he is in his words almost there. and some new backers seem to agree with that. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney's 12-point illinois win impressed big name republicans. and won him the endorsement of jeb bush, popular former governor of florida, who said, now is the time for republicans to unite behind governor romney. another prominent romney supporter called for an end to the primary fight. >> the sooner get on to the target and the debate and the contest between mitt romney and president obama the better off we will be. >> reporter: rick santorum tried spin. >> all the endorse ers, the establishment, comfortable with the status quo, go with mitt romney. >> it is great to be back in pennsylvania. >> but his weak second place in illinois may doom his campaign. >> if rick santorum cannot break through against mitt romney in a one on one match in a big midwestern state he can't tur
mitt romney and rick santorum are in a dead heat tonight. steve handlesman is in columbus with the latest. >> super tuesday voters turned out in massachusetts, virginia, georgia. in tennessee. and in ohio. of the 11 states holding contests today, ohio is the most watched. in this swing state, many republicans are unenthusiastic and most are split between the two leading candidates. >> i voted for mitt romney. >> mitt romney, because of his business experience. >> people aren't feeling there's a strong person at all. but i think santorum could pull it out. >> can he beat mitt romney in ohio. the pressure is on rick santorum. >> as you may know, this is a somewhat important day in my life today. >> he went to washington, spoke to the largest proisrael lobbying group. >> under a santorum administration, we would find no gap between israel and the united states. >> mitt romney appeared via satellite talking tough on iran. >> i'll be ready to engage in diplomacy. i will be just as ready to engage our military mite. >> that's a swipe at barack obama's caution about war with iran
primary is another test for mitt romney and he needs a big win. here's steve handelsman. >> reporter: illinois looks ideal for mitt romney, a moderate state with lots of delegates, 69, up for grabs. at a diner in springfield the republican front-runner claims he is on a roll. >> she is pancakes are as large as my win in puerto rico last night. the margin was just about as good. >> reporter: romney won more than half the votes yesterday and all 20 of frederico's delegates. at the chicago economic club romney tried to fire up young voters. >> you guys ought to be out working like crazy for me and people like me, conservatives who want to keep the cost of government down and give you a brighter future. thank you. >> reporter: but rick santorum is still running down romney. >> he is uniquely disqualified to go out and make the case against obama care because he developed the blueprint for obama care. >> reporter: party leaders are not applauding. the nasty back and forth. >> we're not going to be successful in replacing an economic lightweight with another one. >> if i'm a lightweight i
is under way. it is the latest face-off between mitt romney and rick santorum. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: primary day in illinois. the usual march 20th temperature is 50. today it's 80 degrees. >> this has to be probably the warmest election day we've ever had in chicago, so we're hoping our voters come out. there are important races on the ballot. >> reporter: a big day for mitt romney. 54 delegates up for grabs. and for rick santorum. he needs to beat romney in the midwest after failing to in michigan and ohio. but santorum made a gaffe. campaigning against intrusive government. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. it doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: mitt romney pounced. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. >> reporter: santorum had to back pedal. >> of course i care about the unkploimt rate. i want the unemployment rate to go down but i'm saying my candidacy does not hick on whether the unemployment rate goes up and down. >> reporter: the republican race might hinge on louisiana. newt gingrich campaigned there tod
handelsman. >> reporter: the republican race is so intense mitt romney went to washington state where they caucus tomorrow but pick no delegates. >> i think we have to have leaders that'll tell us the truth and are willing to live with integrity. >> reporter: truth is romney needs any boost and a win tomorrow would be good pr going into next week's megaprimary. on super tuesday 424 delegates are at stake, roughly a third of the total needed to win in 11 state contests but it's the primaries in georgia and ohio that matter most. especially ohio. and rick santorum's lead in ohio polls shrank to six points as he went to chillicothe. >> i'm running to give the power back to the american people where it belongs. >> reporter: ohio is more conservative and religious than michigan where santorum narrowly lost last tuesday. >> if he can win ohio he shows that he can beat mitt romney. then you get a one on one matchup. if you're the more passionate conservative in a one on one matchup with a weak front-runner like mitt romney you have a shot. >> reporter: georgia is newt gingrich's home state.
romney has seen a surge in pre-election polls, president obama may be seeing a warning sign on the horizon. brian mooar has the latest. >> reporter: as voters headed to the polls in alabama and mississippi, mitt romney was showing surprising strength in the polls. but still fighting the enthusiasm gap. >> i felt like romney was the best candidate for me. >> reporter: he's already moved on to the caucus of missouri. >> how many here in the audience call it missoura instead of mississippi? a win? >> he has the ability to seal the deal tonight with a win in either state. but a loss means this race continues to move on. >> reporter: newt gingrich may have the most riding on today's results. no win and his path forward looks like a deadend. rick santorum is hoping to transform himself from underdog into serious contender. even his supporters seem skeptical. >> even if santor umt is not electable. people voting for him make a stand that his values are important. >> the man they all want to beat in the fall was talking tough today on china and foreign trade. president obama is show
there are better days ahead. >> reporter: campaigning in mississippi, mitt romney fired back that barack obama had promised unemployment below 8%. >> this president has not succeeded, this president has failed and that's the reason we'll get rid of him in 2012. >> reporter: rick santorum agreed. >> we want the economy to keep growing, but it's not nearly realizing its potential. >> reporter: newt gingrich said again a big reason is the obama energy policy. >> he's a genuine left winger. so you really want very expensive gasoline. >> reporter: gingrich wants and needs a primary win tuesday in mississippi oral bam. so does romney. >> morning, y'all. >> reporter: a new england yankee in the deep south. >> i got started right this morning with a biscuit and cheesy grits. >> reporter: santorum wants romney to himself, gingrich to drop out. president obama wants for the nation and for his campaign more jobs reports like the one out today. >> a report that lets him take credit and warned his republican rivals could reverse the recovery. steve handelsman, news 4. >>> president obama's remarks today came d
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mitt romney and is expected to make an appearance with him tomorrow in houston. the former president's wife has already endorsed romney. barbara bush endorsed robocalls for him during the ohio primary. one of the bush sons former florida governor jeb bush endorsed romney last week. the endorsements are another sign that the party is ewing behind romney's campaign while pressure builds on challengers rick santorum and newt gingrich to drop out. but both those candidates insist they are not leaving the race before the convention in late august. newt gingri newt gingrich is reorganizing his staff in an effort to save some money. he just laid off about one-third of his staff and is replacing his campaign manager. gingrich is campaigning in our area tonight and is expected to speak to students at georgetown university in just about an hour. >>> texas congressman ron paul will attend a town hall meeting at the university of maryland in college park tonight. paul is in last place in the delegate count. republicans hold the maryland primary april 3rd. >>> pope benedict xvi is wrapping up his
are at stake and the biggest prize? ohio. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney toured a sheet steel plant in canton, ohio and figures if he does break out tomorrow and grab a lot from the gop nomination it is because he is focused on jobs. >> there have been discussions about all sorts of issues but i keep bringing the campaign back to more jobs, less debt, and smaller government. >> reporter: that's a swipe at rick santorum. he was in miamisburg, ohio talking about jobs and social issues. >> whether we are a country that's going to believe in the integrity of the family and respect all human life. >> reporter: voters in ten states cast ballots tomorrow but the world will watch ohio. santorum versus romney. and in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll the gap is narrowed to just two points, a statistical tie. on main street in bexley, ohio today at the cozy restaurant it was a tie. >> i'm going to vote for mitt romney because i think he is more of a middle of the road candidate. >> i absolutely follow christ, like he is who i want to be a reflection of his per
reports. >> reporter: four days before the illinois primary, mitt romney was attacking president obama on his home turf. >> he's out there pushing for alternative energy and we're here pushing for an alternative to the president. >> reporter: president obama was in chicago to answer back. >> welcome to the land of lincoln. >> reporter: he declared he cares about values, too. >> hard work is a value. looking out for one another. that's a value. the idea we're all in this together, that i'm my brother's keeper and sister's keeper, that's a value. >> reporter: romney needs a strong showing in illinois after losing to santorum this week in alabama and mississippi. santorum is clearly connecting with conservatives, so romney is trying to change the conversation. >> who can turn around the economy and defeat barack obama? not rick santorum. >> reporter: romney and santorum are also fighting for puerto rico which holds its primary on sunday. and language has become a hot button issue. >> the spanish is the language of puerto rico's heritage. english is the language of opportunity. >> reporter
for mitt romney's campaign for the republican presidential nomination. representative paul ryan, chair of the house budget committee, endorsed romney this morning. ryan is considered by some to be one of the nation's most influential conservatives. he says romney is best suited to beat president obama this fall but ryan says he fears that dragging out the contest for the republican nomination will make that achievement more difficult. >>> a warning for drivers of honda suvs. more than 500,000 crv and pilots, crvs and pilots are being recalled. honda says the low beam headlights can fail. the auto makers say the fix will involve the wiring. the recall impacts model years 2002 through 2004 as well as 2003 pilots. owners will get notices in the mail next month. no crashes or injuries have been reported at this point. >>> french police arrested 19 suspected islamist extremists overnight during raids across the country. the arrests came just one week after an al qaeda militant was killed by police in a standoff. nbc's jim maceda has the latest. >> reporter: french president sarkozy had orde
and mississippi. for mitt romney, there could be a rough road ahead. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: he is from pennsylvania, but rick santorum is counting now on the deep south, religious and conservative like him. he went to huntsville today. >> are we going win on tuesday here in alabama? what do you think? >> reporter: coming off his super tuesday wins in neighboring tennessee and in oklahoma, santorum is claiming he is the only conservative running, and claiming that's what republicans need in the fall in a new ad. >> how can mitt romney or newt gingrich beat barack obama when on the vital decisions they're not much different? >> reporter: after his super tuesday win in georgia, newt gingrich too is counting on the south, where lots of republicans drive big trucks. gas prices are rising, the justice department investigating, congress is arguing about a new oil pipeline, and the price of gas is newt's big issue. >> when obama was sworn in, the day he was sworn in, we paid $1.89. >> reporter: but aides hint gingrich might drop out if he loses southern primaries. >> and when it become
he is not leaving the race and mitt romney finished in third place in both states, but won the caucuses in hawaii and american samoa. in the end, he actually won four more delegates last night than santorum. the next big contests are missouri on saturday, illinois, tuesday. >>> military involvement in afghanistan will undergo a major shift next year and the window for diplomacy is rapidly shrinking for iran. those were the major topics today during the joint news conference between president obama and british prime minister david cameron. brian mooar has our report. >> reporter: with porch and pageantry, president obama welcomed british prime minister david cameron to the white house. but they share some sobering challenges, perhaps none more pressing today than afghanistan. >> this is a hard slog. this is hard work. >> recent days have reminded us just how difficult our mission is and how high the cost of this war has been. >> reporter: as the two leaders spoke, u.s. defense secretary leon panetta was on a surprise visit to afghanistan where he reminded troops this decade-
. rick santorum showed up. >> the reason i talk about obama care and its impact and mitt romney doesn't. >> the mandate is the main complaint about barack obama's health care plan. santorum here today is a reminder this u.s. supreme court could have an effect again on a presidential election. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, at the supreme court. >>> after a rainy weekend get ready for a big chill overnight. >> meteorologist veronica johnson is in the storm sent tower tell us. >> guys, it means for a couple hours tonight we could be dropping below freezing and we've got the budding spring flowers to worry about. right? check out the morning temperatures here. you can see we dropped down to about 46 to 55, 57 degrees. manassas to culpepper. that wasn't a big deal at all. today was the 14th day temperatures have been 50 degrees or higher but now a look at all that blue on the map. that is our freeze warning for tonight. that means we've got the potential for several hours to drop below freezing. all those areas shaded in blue. freeze watch off to the east for d.c., prince george's county,
that should not be in interfered with by the federal government. >> >> reporter: mitt romney opposed the republican rollback yesterday then switched. >> and that violates the conscience of the church, the conscience of the individuals, and, fortunately, there is an effort in washington to stop that. > >> reporter: rick santorum po pounced. >> >> my gut reaction would be, you stand for the first amendment. you stand for freedom of re religion. >> reporter: democrats say they stood for women. >> these men are waxing eloquent about birth control and the fact that oh, it's just a moral issue with them. they don't think women should ave have the right to have it. >> reporter: they see a winning political issue for the fall. >> we will make sure that women across the country are aware. >> that we the democratic caucus will stand up to fight for their rights as we always have. >> >> reporter: president obama say if democrats struck the right balance and won the right to have it stick. and he will take credit on the campaign trail. re republicans said they will warn americans that president
obama care. >> it's trickier for mitt romney. his massachusetts plan had mandates. >> i see obama care as one more example of a president pursuing his attack on economic and personal liberty. >> reporter: the white house is pushing back. >> they want to go back to a system where insurance companies have all the rules on their side. >> reporter: after jobs, it's the biggest issue in the race for the white house. the supreme court with a conservative majority could rebuke president obama or could support him on this huge issue as he runs for re-election. from the hill, near the court, steve handelsman, news 4. >>> the republican presidential race continues with a primary tomorrow in louisiana. the latest polls suggest rick santorum is leading there by 12-14 points. meanwhile, maryland's primary is more than a week away but voters there can begin casting their ballots this weekend. early voting begins tomorrow in maryland. it runs through next thursday. the actual primary will take place april 3rd. d.c.'s primary will happen the same day. >>> still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, a popular fast
romney got help from self-described red neck comedian jeff fox worthy who told supporters this morning the current race is anything but funny. >> i've shaken the hands of too many vets, too many people that have put their lives on the line to fight for this country to see it go down the drain because, y'all, it's in trouble. it's a mess. >> reporter: but then some would say so is the republican fight for the white house with some looking for clarity and southern comfort in primaries in mississippi and alabama tomorrow. jay gray, nbc news. >>> this week a los angeles jury will begin deliberations in the wrongful termination lawsuit involving "desperate housewives" star nicollette sheridan. in 2010 she filed the suit against the show creator claiming he killed off her character after she complained he slapped her onset. he says it was a light tap during rehearsals and claims sheridan was a rising figure onset often clashing with her costars. he says he killed off her character because it was the best thing for the show. the episode drew big ratings, 15 million viewers tuning in to watch
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